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Car Wrapping

  • Changing the Look - Car wrapping affords the opportunity to completely change the look of your car without spending a lot of money.

  • Increasing Car Value – Vinyl car wrap protects your vehicle from scratches, chips, and paint fading. As a result, it also increases the value of your car if you should ever decide to sell it.

  • Covering Old Paint – For older vehicles that have seen better days, bodywork and new paint can be extremely expensive. It may not even be worth it depending on the age and condition of your car. But with a vinyl car wrap you can cover that old paint and get your car looking brand-new again although it is important to add that the wrap may not stick to certain areas if the paintwork is in too bad a condition, this will be determined during your consultation.


Did you know that wrapping your vehicle is much cheaper than Re-Spraying?

What Is Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping is the process of applying a film to the exterior of a car's body in order to change the way it looks. Car wrapping can be done in just certain sections of the car, like the bonnet or roof, or the entire car itself. In either case it is used advertisement purposes or as a way to change the colour of your car without actually touching the paint underneath.

Car wrap is a vinyl material very similar to what's used for window clings. Its composition makes it an ideal material because it withstands the impact from minor road debris, is resistant to scratching, and can handle intense heat and sunlight. As a matter of fact, when you wrap an entire car from bumper-to-bumper it can protects the paint underneath to a certain degree, essentially increasing the resale value of the vehicle.


How we do it

The process of applying car wrap is fairly simple, though it takes patience and practice to become a skilled technician. The application begins by thoroughly washing and drying the vehicle, making sure all surfaces are free from dust, dirt, oil and grease, and loose rust particles.


The technician then chooses the first piece they are going to work on and lays it in place. From there they will peel off the backing while also slowly positioning the vinyl into its final position.

In order to remove air bubbles and wrinkles the technician uses a small, hand-held squeegee to work them out. Choosing a starting point and always working out from there, the technician continues working the squeegee until the vinyl is completely free of bubbles and wrinkles. A heat gun is used to loosen the material when the technician is working the vinyl around curved areas or covering parts like mirrors and bumpers.

Collecting Your Customised Car

Between 3 - 6 days later, you newly wrapped car will be ready to collect, we will give you a care package and details for dates for your wrap check up, you can then settle the remaining balance and drive off in your brand new look vehicle with a big smile on your face.