Vehicle Wrap/Decal Disclaimer

Since we have no control over how you care for your vehicle, we must take precautions on what we can guarantee.

  • We recommend hand washing all wrapped vehicles. Absolutely no pressure washing.

  • Vehicles must be delivered in a clean condition, you will be advised on cleaning condition upon booking. (please be aware if your vehicle is not clean this could delay fitting time and will incur a cost)

  • If you have waxed your car repeatedly, it must be de-waxed before we “Wrap Your Ride”.

  • You may see some imperfections on certain hard line contour areas.

  • Even though we always try to have zero overlapping panels, we can’t always guarantee that.

  • We use the best quality film available to us. (Please discuss with Zombie Wraps team for advice.

  • It is the clients responsibility to read through the disclaimer before booking in for vehicle work or payment of a deposit.

  • The customer is agreeing to this disclaimer by sending the final digital proof back, with an emailed agreement; by verbal agreement during time of 1:1 design meeting ; payment of deposit and/or agreement of booking through social media/phone calls.

  • All deposits are non refundable, as the deposit confirms booking allocation, shop space and material outlay. However Zombie Wraps will make every effort to re-book any authorised cancellations, to still meet the clients requirements.

  • We inspect the vehicle for imperfections and 99% of the time have no problems when removing the film if the wrap is taken off. If you have a less than perfect paint job, there can be minimal lifting of paint or clear coating.

  • We will inspect the vehicle for troubled paint or rust areas and note that there is not a guarantee that the film will hold up on those spots.

  • Never attempt to take off the wrap yourself, always let the professionals here handle that for you.

  • On certain inverted areas and body contours, you may see some lifting of the vinyl. We will touch up those areas for free for the first year. We use a special primer adhesive on those areas, but can’t guarantee those vinyl “lifts” won’t happen. We can’t replace a panel just for a simple vinyl lift, but we will do our best to work it back into the valley of the inverted contour.

  • Plan on leaving your “cleaned” vehicle with us for a minimum of 3-4 days- subject to custom booking.

  • Zombiw Wraps are not insured for overnight storage of your vehicle, This is at the customers discretion.

  • A “vehicle wrap” is not a paint job, but can save you thousands of pounds for such detail.YOU WILL GET NOTICED IN YOUR NEW VEHICLE !

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